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Press Release Placement Service

Welcome to the Gred's Press Release Submission Portal, your gateway to sharing exciting, sustainable, and conscious news with our engaged audience.

Before submitting, please review our Press Release Guidelines to ensure your content aligns with our standards and themes of sustainability and conscious living.

We charge a submission fee for publishing press releases to cover the costs associated with reviewing, editing, and maintaining high-quality content standards on our platform. You will not be charged if your press release is not selected and published.


Press Release Placement Pricing


  • A dedicated page on The Gred specifically for showcasing your press release

  • The option to add a featured image to enhance visibility and attract more engagement

  • Prime placement of your press release on The Gred's platform for maximum exposure

  • Your content featured in our global weekly newsletter

  • If you are a small brand, feel free to email us fo

Service details

  • Content Preparation: Your team is responsible for preparing the press release, with a word limit of 700 words.

  • Review Process: Our team will review your press release to ensure alignment with our platform and audience interests.

  • Approval and Payment: Upon approval, we'll send an invoice. Payment should be processed post-approval, and a transaction receipt forwarded to us.

  • Editing Support: We offer proofreading and minor editing to enhance the quality of your press release.​​

  • Analytics and Reporting: Note that this service does not include KPIs, analytics, or final reports. 

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